KopyBOX V.1.


KopyBOX V.1. used to create copies of contactless cards EM Marin and HID Prox II

Copy for 3 steps

Step 1:
Turn ON KopyBOX V.1.: The indicator "READ" glows green. The device is ready to read the original key.

Step 2:
Bring to the device a original key. Wait for a beep and red indicator "WRITE" will turn ON. Code deciphered. Remove the key-original.

Step 3:
Bring to the device rewritable-card and wait the signal. The copy is made. Switch off the device.


The device copies all the code - it ensures a full match with the original.
[XXXXX] - The eldest of the code. Recognized only by special instruments.
YYY YYYYY - The youngest part of the code. Usually written on the card.


KopyBOX V.1. automatically detects the type of the copied card EM Marin or HID Prox II.

To record using special rewritable-cards with chip ATMEL T5557. Intended for cloning EM Marin or HID Prox II. Card is overwritten.


KopyBOX V.1. + 10 pieces rewritable-cards T5557 + free EMS world shipping = USD 499
Additional rewritable-cards 10 pieces = 20 USD *

* Shipping costs = EMS 55 USD, USPS 10 USD
* Shipping costs = 0 USD if the rewritable-cards to be ordered together with the KopyBOX V.1.




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Skype: tsumanov
E-mail: kampot@mail.ru

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